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​Would you like to be our teammate?

Calistoga Recruiting New Team Members


Staff who can work with us

We are currently recruiting!



・I like wine ・I like Shichirigahama


・I like dogs ・I like people's smiles


・Those who value teamwork



We value people who enjoy working together and work positively.


Application Requirements


・At least 1 year of restaurant experience ・Wine expert, sommelier qualification welcome

who can work


・ Salary Hourly wage 1200 yen ~


・Working hours 10:30~22:00 ・3 days to 5 days a week ・2~3 hours or more ・Lunchtime,

Welcome to dinner time


As our staff, at an exotic California restaurant

Why not work?All the staff are looking forward to your application!


Inquiries: 0467-81-3161 ・

Person in charge: Yoshikawa


Restaurant Calistoga

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