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Restaurant Calistoga, a special moment in Shichigahama, Kamakura

Restaurant Calistoga, Shichirigahama. We offer authentic California modern cuisine in Kamakura.


Our menu, crafted by experienced chefs, combines French, Italian, and American influences.  Drawing from over 30 years of experience in top restaurants in Tokyo and Kanagawa, we proudly serve fresh and healthy dishes with a focus on local ingredients. In our intimate and elegant atmosphere, we invite you to savor our California wines and signature cocktails.

Our joy lies in creating unforgettable memories for our customers. 

カリストガのエグゼクティブシェフ、芳川シェフ、35年の経験を持ち、銀座の御笠会館や鵠沼の料理長を務めた経歴を持っています。Chef Yoshikawa, Executive Chef at Restaurant Calistoga, 35 years of experience, including as Executive Chef for Mikasa Kaikan, Ginza, Kugenuma.

Executive Chef Toru Yoshikawa

At Restaurant Calistoga, our executive chef creates numerous menus inspired by California. In his youth, he honed his foundation in French cuisine and gained experience in cafes and large restaurants. He further developed his knowledge in Italian cuisine and California French cuisine. He underwent training in Michelin one-star restaurants in France and Italy. Having worked for over 30 years at Mikasa Kaikan, he served as the head chef of both the Higashi-Ginza and Kugenuma branches. As a resident of Shonan, he passionately utilizes the area's fresh and excellent ingredients, crafting captivating California modern cuisine that blends the imagery of California and Shichirigahama in Kamakura.

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