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Menu Calistoga


Starters & Small Plates

    *All prices shown do not include tax.

Prosciutto ham, dried fruits, salami, and cheese platter


Kamakura Tomato and Avocado Dip Tortilla Chips


soup of the day


Fresh vegetables and grilled chicken Fried white fish mini tacos


Seafood and avocado tartare Kamakura vegetable basil flavor


Carpaccio of white fish delivered directly from Misaki Port (2 servings)


Large Plates & Mains

Pasta of the day


Domestic bone-in fried chicken with lime salt


Poiret of white fish directly delivered from Misaki Port Basil and anchovy sauce


Fujisawa Miya pork loin and Miura vegetables with roasted herbs and salt


Black Angus beef loin steak with citrus gravy


Roasted herbed bone-in chicken served with lime salt


Roasted lamb loin and Kamakura vegetables with almond parsley flavor



French fries delivered directly from Nagashima Farm


Homemade focaccia/campagne


Desert & Cheese

Warm homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream, orange flavor


almond chocolate cake


Vanilla ice cream


cheese platter


The best tacos and margarita in Shonan Kamakura.  Restaurant Calistoga in Shichirigahama Kamakura. 湘南鎌倉で最高のタコスとマルガリータ。七里ヶ浜鎌倉のレストランカリストガ。
The best fresh roasted Kamakura and Miura vegetables in Kamakura Shonan.  Restaurant Calistoga in Shichirigahama Kamakura.湘南鎌倉で最高の新鮮な焼き野菜(鎌倉と三浦産)。七里ヶ浜鎌倉のレストランカリストガ。
湘南鎌倉で最高のアップルパイThe best apple pie in Kamakura Shonan.
The best lamb in Shonan Kamakura. Restaurant Calistoga in Shichirigahama, Kamakura.  湘南鎌倉で最高のとラム肉。七里ヶ浜鎌倉のレストランカリストガ。
湘南鎌倉で最高のマグロとアボカドのタルタル. The best tuna and avocado tartar in Kamakura Shonan.
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